It is so scary not knowing what to expect or what to do in a flood/leak situation!

The first thing you should always do is shut off your water then immediately call Ace of Clean to assist you in the water removal.

Try to diagnose what the cause of the water is, then call your trusted plumber.

When your home floods or has a leak, no matter the size, there is more to it than just the water on the floor. If it happens on carpet, the padding underneath will suck it up and shoot it straight to the walls, and sheet rock is like a sponge, it will soak up water quick.

What a certified water removal technician will do is come in and figure out where all the water is (other than the obvious). He will extract the water from the home or office/business and then set up drying equipment to ensure that your home/office/business is dried out properly. With our company you can rest assured our technicians are highly educated and know how to dry out structures and not just extract water off the floor. 

Ace of Clean is IICRC Certified in Water damage. 

Emergency Water Damage


Chandler, TX, USA